Reflection Of The 2021 Season

Igs -2021 : The Covid Season

Having played 8 Senior games in a shortened season, there were many positive aspects to the current Cardinals squad.

With a full team the campaign began well with back to back wins over Ouse Valley, but injuries soon took their toll on a small squad.Inconsistent performances hurt us, but nobody will forget that W over Norwich that highlighted the year!Off the field our new ground is a welcome move, and the new committee approach can only be a good thing.

The Junior section is growing and is in great hands, which all equals a successful year for the Cardinals. 

Thanks for all the hard work everyone ❤️

Pete -U19 Season Review 2021:

On return from a very uncertain 2020 due the Covid -19 pandemic, the 2021 U19 Junior Ipswich Cardinals made up of mainly rookie players with a small sprinkling of veteran leadership, were back playing ball again, successfully completing their Covid shortened season compiling a winning record of 4 -2, with the only losses coming from the Northants Knights.Plenty to learn from and build upon, as we try and take the next step on our journey towards a National Championship.

There were some standout performances this season which need to be honoured spearheaded by team captains veteran Quarterback Ethan Turner and Linebacker Gavin Idleman accompanied by the impressive rookie class showings from Kieran Edwards, Omer Mendes, George Barrett and Will Prowse to name just a few, they all played a massive part in making 2021 a very successful season.

A massive thank you all who supported the team this season, from parents/supporters to Jan & both Senior/Junior coaches. Without your commitment and support their would not of been a Junior season. 

I feel as a whole with the strides that have been made by the Junior program on and off the field, the future of the Ipswich Cardinals organisation looks real bright moving forward.

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