Cardinals Management & Head Coach Announced

The Ipswich Cardinals are pleased to announce changes to the Organisation Management structure & Senior Team Head Coach moving forward to the 2020 season.

Following a difficult off season, after the heartbreaking passing of Cardinals owner Ralph Alexander, the organisation has assessed the management structure and are pleased to announce the Management Team to take the Cardinals forward into the future. The Cardinals have been for many years a non profit organisation with a sole owner and the ownership of the Cardinals will stay in the Alexander family with Mother and son team Jan & James Alexander taking co-ownership. Jan has also now taken up the role of the Cardinals General Manager. The Alexanders will continue to be supported by Steve Hawes as Deputy General Manager and Marie Hawes as Organisation Administrator.

There will also be a change to the Senior Team Head Coach. Outgoing Head Coach Sandy Francis has unfortunately recently resigned from his role within the Cardinals due to outside work pressures and not being able to commit 100% to coaching for the team for 2020. The Cardinals would like to take this opportunity to thank Coach Francis for all his hard work and dedication over many years with the team and wish him well for the future.

After Coach Francis' departure from the team the Cardinals management have moved quickly to secure a new Head Coach. Therefore the Cardinals are very pleased to announce the new Head Coach of the Ipswich Cardinals Senior Team is long time Cardinal Ian Girling. Coach Girling is a very experienced Coach and former player for the team and brings with him incredible knowledge, ability and dedication to the Cardinals. Coach Girling is in the process of putting in place his coaching team for the new season and preparing for the upcoming Come & Try Day on Sunday 20th October at Northgate Sport Centre in Ipswich.

Ipswich Cardinals Management Team

Co-owners: Jan Alexander & James Alexander
General Manager: Jan Alexander
Deputy General Manager: Steve Hawes
Organisation Administrator: Marie Hawes

Senior Team Head Coach: Ian Girling

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