Ipswich Cardinals 6 - Cambridgeshire Cats 32

The challenge of playing a higher league opponent was an exciting prospect for the Cardinals on Sunday, but they failed to reproduce the energy they displayed against earlier rivals, and the Cats of Cambridgeshire proved too strong.

Cats Quarterback Mark Rivett was able to dissect the Cardinals for two touchdown passes, to receivers Ben Bingham and Thabiso Mpofu, while kicker William Browning converted two field goals. Running back Zellie Dow jr ran in another score in the second half, and an interception was run back for final cous de gras late on.

Frustratingly it was the Cardinals lack of firepower that led to their demise. Whilst the offensive line blocked well, the Ipswich skill position players all seemed to have an off day on the same day!

Costly errors or drops resulted in poor field position for the defense to work with as drives ended after just one or two first downs.

Hopefully the loss can be chalked up as just a bad day at the office, and the players have no time to lick their wounds as the Old Farm derby looms! Yes, it's the Norfolk Suffolk big bash this week, and the chance to show local support that the Cardinals really are improving - another exciting opportunity

Written by Ian Girling

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